Meet the Team

Accetta Smith

Founder & CEO


Prior to starting Sky Valley Comm, Pamela worked in marketing and communications, creating content and strategy for local small businesses and nonprofit organizations. A journalist by trade, with over 20 years in the field, she is a writer, editor, and marketer, specializing in content development, project management, and brand awareness. From creating communications and editorial content for major trade publications to elevating nonprofits and marketing local businesses, Pamela approaches each Sky Valley project with a desire to succeed — where precision is always a top priority.

Joseph S.
Accetta, PhD

Executive Technical Editor

Joseph Accetta

Dr. Accetta has 30 years of experience in new product development, engineering management activities in optics, electronics, and industrial automation, and technical editing within the military, industrial and national laboratory environments. He has held positions at Georgia Tech Research Institute, Directed Energy Professional Society, General Dynamics, Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., and USAF Research Laboratories. He has a B.S. in physics from the University of Wisconsin, MSEE from the University of Florida, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of New Mexico.

Janelle Gutierrez

Web Designer +
Brand Strategist


Born and raised in Northern New Mexico, Janelle is forever inspired by desert landscapes, earthy color palettes, and a friendly, casual, no-nonsense approach to life and business. As a community-minded designer, she is driven by thoughtful composition, engaging UX, and intelligent marketing insights. For over a decade, Janelle has been serving a wide range of clients including forward-thinking businesses, lifestyle and culture brands, artists, and entrepreneurs in New Mexico and around the world. With an MBA in international management from the University of New Mexico, her global work includes clients in Uganda, Argentina, and Spain. 

Tessa Slisz

Graphic Artist + Illustrator


As a lover of all things illustration and design, Tessa enjoys creating various digital and print promotional materials, videos, album cover art, book layouts, and more. She has worked with a large array of clients with unique needs and styles, and appreciates bringing businesses into the spotlight with smart design, and helping them succeed. Tessa has developed a multitude of graphic design projects including text layout, book covers, flyers, posters, print and digital ads, and videos. She is a responsible for the design content for Azza Skateboards, such as product design, promotional materials and digital media.